There are different strategies for Offsetting Carbon.

There are projects that:

  • Prevents new or reduces emissions, classic Carbon Offset
  • Removes and Stores Carbon Dioxide

We offer Carbon Dioxide Removal – CDR – The Forest Solution Methodology

Buying CDR credits from us means that your company

  1. Contributes financially to a measure that otherwise would not have taken place.
  2. To additionally more carbon dioxide is captured and stored in selected swedish
    forest stands thanks to this measure.
  3. To store the carbondioxid for 50 + years
  4. That you receive a certificate proving that the action took place in your name.
  5. That you receive GPS coordinates and a Google map where the action is performed

What is your need for removals?

We can deliver carbon dioxide credits up to 2 million tonnes per year. How large volumes you want to order is of course optional, but the most common is that you have done some kind of climate calculation to analyze a product, a service or your company’s climate footprint. Keep in mind that Carbon Removal is a way to access the emissions that have not yet been reduced. It can never replace serious sustainability work or the goal of constantly working to reduce your own climate impact.

How much?

Take contact for current price. See also CLIMATE ACTION 2023

Price advantages for orders over 500 tonnes and over 2,000 tonnes. Contact us for an offer.

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