Policy of Sustainability

Policy of Sustainability for The Forest Solution

The goal is for the entire company to be climate neutral from the start.

Energy used must be renewable.

Materials and technology that are needed must be recycled and procured from a sustainability point of view in the best possible way.

Premises must be used in a resource-efficient manner and new solutions must be sought.

Transport and travel must be done using the best possible means of travel and if it still results in climate impact, it must be climate compensated using Carbon Removals.

Subcontractors must be required to continuously improve and carry out systematic sustainability work. This applies to all kinds of sustainability such as social, economic, ecological and cultural.

In every financial transaction, the sustainability aspect must be considered

An even gender distribution must be sought in staff and the board. We shall strive to be a motley crowd for the best possible strength.

An ambitious wellness program must exist within the organization.

The Forest Solution has zero tolerance for all forms of bribery, corruption and fraud.

Falun, Januari 5th 2024

Erik Nillius


Updated, original version Januari 13 2020