The Hjärpsgård family has lived for generations on this farm in Los. Mikael is well educated and familiar with forestry and were one of the private landowners in this years project.

Tree rings show that the tree has grown more at some ages. Our measure makes the trees able to a larger surface area of needles. More solar panels! This well lead to the additional sequestration. This is an example from this stand before it was thinned.

Summer of 2023 in Ljusdal and Los, northern Hälsingland

The Forest Solution made our climate measures of 2023 in northern Hälsingland. A number of private forest owner joined this years project. They all hade forest stands with the requirements to fit into our criteria for additionality accordint to the ISO 14064:2 metodologi.

Shortly we will publish data from all our projects and their stands in a form of a table. Soon to come.

Of course we have total control of the carbon footprint for helicopter, lorrys and the whole process leading to the creation of the additional climate benefits.

The Forest Solution always tries to use the smartest solutions for mitigating climate change. We do not have any company cars. When we need to travel we use train, buses and tube. When a car is needed we rent an electric car and put our magnetic logos on it!

There are a lot of forests in Sweden. Most of them we have managed and will do so for future use in a hopefully more sustainable society. In the future we can harvest a renewable resource!

Map of one of the objects in this years project. The green lines are where the helicopter spread the nutrients as granulars. This object had a bit to small forest stands to make it a rational measure. The smallest stand was only 1 ha! We want the stands to be at least 3 ha.