We take the opportunity to congratulate Björn Ferry, who on 5 October was appointed an honorary doctor at Mittuniversitetet with this fine justification:

“Björn Ferry has for a long time used his celebrity to publicly pursue environmental and climate issues and describes himself as an ‘ambassador for sustainability and a climate-smart lifestyle’. Ferry is an Olympic gold medalist in biathlon, expert commentator and entrepreneur. In addition to his climate commitment, He also has a great interest in forestry and research connected to the forest and has published scientific articles on wintering birds and the impact of forestry.”

He is also one of the founders of The Forest Solution. “This, I want to be a part of…” was his spontanous comment joining as a partner a couple of years ago.

Maybe we see hat number 2 when all the published research in the future are publish in a dissertation?!

For now, we have to settle for “Hur fan skall vi ha det?” a new book on how a future sustainable society looks like.