Your journey towards a Net Zero target regarding GHG emissions can begin here.

Buy carbon credits!

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For larger quantities, request a quote as there are large scale benefits.

We expect to be able to scale up the business and deliver in the order of 100,000 tons when needed.

We can help your company become Net Zero

Today, more and more people choose to only do business with companies that can show that they are actively working to become sustainable.

You can strengthen your market position with The Forest Solution

With credible sustainability work and an analysis of your footprint, we can remove your emissions with our Carbon Removal project

Our alternative is local, Swedish, simple, powerful and a cheap way to get far or all the way to becoming Net Zero.

Become a leading player in your own market!

Remove your remaining GHG emissions while you are on the journey reducing them according to a roadmap means your business

  • contributes financially to an action
  • which increases the sequestration of carbon dioxide
  • which otherwise would not have been done.

Where are you today in your plans for sustainability?

1. You have already made an analysis /calculation and are interested in Carbon Removal of your remaining emission.

Contact us at for any questions, more information or a quote on major climate compensation.

Remove the number of tonnes of CO2e you want and have not yet managed to reduce with other measures.

2. You are interested in making an analysis of your climate footprint and help with a roadmap towards sustainability.

The Forest Solution has a number of partners who can help with the analysis.

Then come back and the amount of tonnes of CO2e that you want to Remove.

More information and contact at:

3. You are interested in a more sustainable direction and want to make an effort immediately as a first step. You want to wait with a deeper analysis right now.

The most important thing is to make changes in the business that reduce the climate impact.

Then you can remove for the carbon footprint that you have not managed to fix in any other way. Remove the carbon footprint of, for example, direct fossil emissions in the form of car, air travel, study trips, a conference, etc.

Remove the carbon footprint for any other part of your business that you can assess yourself.

Contact us to discuss how to start your sustainability work:

Important! Think about how you want to proceed to get a complete analysis of your future work towards sustainability!

Crash course-Towards Net Zero

1. Climate analysis / calculation

Make a Climate Report – Find out your climate impact is and where it occurs.

2. Climate strategy

Climate neutral or Climate positive! Set strategy, goals and policies to reduce your climate impact.

3. Carbon Removal/Carbon offset

– Use Carbon Removal for the climate impact you have not yet managed to reduce.

Small deepening of the Crash course

To understand how you affect the climate, you usually divide it into several parts. Direct and indirect emissions and in scope 1, 2 and 3 (see picture)

Based on the GHG protocol (GreenHouse Gas protocol), map and decide in consultation what your climate report should include. Minimum is scope 1 and 2. Scope 3 can be difficult to follow and get a grip on in the first stage.